Virtual material design

CAE – Computer Aided Engineering – has been established in product development for many years. With highly efficient numerical algorithms and innovations in imaging techniques, these capabilities are now also available for material development on the microstructure level.

You would like to optimize your material or test an idea?

I will create a digital twin of your material for you. According to your specifications, I conduct virtual experiments and parameter studies. Thus, new ideas and approaches can be tested in advance and you save valuable development time.

Simulation options

Here is a selection of possible simulation and digital experiments

Flow Simulations

To determine permeability, pressure drop and other flow parameters.

Tensile and compression tests

Comprehensive simulations to investigate the mechanical behavior of your material.

Filtration Simulations

With the help of flow and particle simulations, I perform virtual filtration experiments for you. So your air or oil filters in the singlepass or multipass test can be examined for their efficiency and lifetime.

This is just a short selection of options. Feel free to contact me for more information.