My Services

Wherever the microstructure is crucial for function and efficiency, I support you in understanding and optimizing your material and the physical processes.

Microstructure Analysis

header image for microstructure analysis

Virtual analysis of your materials based on:

  • µCT-Image of your material sample
  • Digital Twin


  • Porous materials (filter media, foams, …)
  • Fiber structures (fabrics, fleeces, …)
  • Granular structures (rocks, sintered materials, …)

Virtual Material Design

The computer-aided material development

  • Digital Twin / Virtual Twin
  • Digital experiments
  • Virtual prototype
  • Parameter studies

Technical Visualization

Visualizations of microstructures and physical processes

  • 3D model (* .stl) of the structure for use in rendering or 3D printing
  • Graphics and videos for training or marketing